Sunday 17 September 2023

Cooking Success

Yesterday I had a little sit in a car park with knitting. I very much enjoyed it but went home fairly early to sit with the men. 

Bless - the acorns are growing well, but because it was windy, I didn't get a decent pic.

I got a better pick of some brambles though, and the squirrels are bound to take advantage of those.

I feel good about dinner today. First of all, we had a sort of chicken casserole. I had a huge bag of frozen veg from ages ago when I got a marked down pack of casserole veg and prepared and froze it. I also had a pack of diced chicken that I had got fresh a while ago but plans had changed so I had frozen that and yesterday I remembered to take it out to defrost. Then I added some seasoning, some shredded pickled onions that I had got cheap from Aldi, a packet of chicken cuppa soup, some scoops of rice and a lot of water. The men practically inhaled it and there was enough left over for me for at least two lunches. This is mainly veg and starch over protein as the pack of chicken was around 650g or a pound and a half, and the men had decent portions.

Then, at the request of the men, I made apple crumble. The crumble was easy enough and the apple part was from some apples that had been marked down in store. I left plenty but still brought home a few packs. I made the crumble with plenty of raisins and spice (whoever sources Tesco's Mixed Spice is very confident with nutmeg) and a little sugar and I also made one pack of apple crumble filling mix to put in the freezer and I'll finish off tomorrow and get the rest of it put up. 

I've seen recipes for jelly and syrup made from apple cores and peelings. I am not attempting those. 

So I'm feeling vaguely connected to housewifery and somewhat thrifty and the men are apparently very satisfied and looking forward to the same again next Sunday. I'm considering my options and I think I'll have a raid on the marked down stuff again this week. 

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Thank you for the pictures of the acorns! I'd have picked some of those berries to snack on (or add to my apple crumble!) Your dinner sounds wonderful and the dessert has me wanting some apple crumble or pie, myself!

    1. The men have been very clear about their requirement for apple crumble lol!