Monday 4 September 2023

Major Absolute Complete and Utter Panic

I kind of like how this looks but I'm not sure if I should cut it back. It may die down with the weather forecast to be warm and dry for a change.

It looks a little 'haunted house' or Victorian gothic (not very, but a little) and the bees are loving the flowers. 

Anyway I'll have to do something as bear has someone coming around to visit the day after tomorrow and there may be a romantic interest. The house is a wreck. It is a complete chaotic mess. The garden is 'ecological resource' rather than looked after. The visitor comes from somewhere lovely. 


On the bright side, the house will be cleaner afterwards.

I'll probably be back on Thursday. 

Writing stuff - two bits of writing stuff. The 'Hazardous to Your Sanity Post' for today isn't one of mine and is about advertising on Twitter. It's interesting to see a little insight so if you fancy looking, the article is here. There are likely to be a few about writing, which I'll share but only click if you are interested. Actually, even if it's something of mine, only click if you're interested. 

And speaking of something of mine, the latest chapter of Invitation Accepted is here. Only click if you are interested, but I hope that if you are following this then you will enjoy it. 

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Oh, I like that the garden is an 'ecological resource'! I am all in favor of keeping it that way! Whatever is growing along the steps seems to be thriving! Hope you are able to get the house whipped into shape! Just tidy the spaces the visitor is likely to see, keep the drapes drawn and the room dimly lit and say you are creating the setting for your newest novels. :)

    1. The house is better - not brilliant but better. And they had such a good time. It was absolutely worth it.

  2. Good luck with the visitor. I noticed that if my child liked someone, then I usually did too, and they often liked me. Something tasty to eat, warm friendly smiles, and just kindness, often help everyone feel better. Mention your knitting, a book you like, a favorite walk - normal stuff. Your child will probably meet other people after this one, so it won't be a one time event. (Or is that too scary to think about? Sorry.) Take care!!

    1. They were an absolute sweetheart. And they said nice things about bear, which helps.