Monday 25 September 2023

Quiet Day

Bless mentioned decluttering the books. I've shared our method before, but I think it's worth sharing again as it's useful if there is more than one person using the bookcase. All the books get taken off, then we take turns putting books back on the shelf. We put back only the ones we want to keep and don't try and second guess if anyone else wants to keep them. It bypasses the 'but I thought that you wanted to keep it' moments.

I let go of a lot of books that had been there for a while. I got rid of books that I felt that I ought to read or that I had been given. It's like I took a moment to give myself permission to let someone else enjoy them. It felt like I'd had some sort of breakthrough or epiphany. By the way, that bookcase looks unnaturally neat. It will have double stacked books and junk all over by Christmas.

This morning I went to the nearest Aldi to pick up some salad for DH. Look what I resisted!

I feel very proud of myself. Of course, then I see a pattern for a shrug that I fancy and I'm tempted to go back but I'll be strong. 

I didn't enjoy the drive. I could tell that it was a little off and I had to go on the ring road which scares me. I managed fine and I'll be at the garage tomorrow, so that should sort it all out. I also need to be a little more mindful of where I park. It was only when I got back to the car that I noticed that there was a dangling branch. 

That was right over the car. I couldn't see any cracks, but I think I ought to be more careful in future.

Writing stuff - The next instalment of Invitation Accepted is here. I can't believe that it's now twenty three chapters and over 58k words. 

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Thank you for posting your book decluttering method, Lyssa. I am the only one using my bookcases; my daughter has her own. I just want to keep all my books (and there's room for them on the shelves) but, I feel I should have fewer books! Well done resisting the yarn!

    1. The rule we have is that we can keep any or all books we want 'just because' There is never any pressure to justify anything. If you have books you enjoy and the room for them then I feel that you should revel in them!

  2. I am so bad at decluttering books. I need to do it again. It's a constant battle as I love books. They are the things that I buy when I'm feeling down. There is nothing I like better than spending time in a used bookshop or a new bookshop, well, really any bookshop!

    1. I read a lot on kindle which (a) doesn't take shelf space and (b) hides a lot of guilty secrets, especially the romances I read on Kindle Unlimited. Some books need to be in paper, though.