Tuesday 28 May 2024

Same Stuff, Different Day

It's a very boring post. DH continues not too bad, but I'm worried. Bear continues awesome. 

My late mother-in-law died on 27 May 2007. Last night I dreamt of her. We were shopping in Tesco, of all things. There were no crazy messages, just a nice time shopping. It's funny. There were times that we really didn't get on, and I could say all sorts. But she adored bear and, like so many humans, she did her best with the tools that she had. I need to go to Tesco and leave food in the foodbank box to remember her. 

I enjoyed the Sewing Bee, but it didn't really catch me.

It's been a very beige sort of day. I need to try and be more multicoloured tomorrow. It's disheartening to be posting the 'nothing much' posts. On the other hand, me being boring is much easier for the people I live with than me not being boring. 

Writing stuff - yesterday I posted the response to writing challenge number 22 here. It was awesome fun to write. 

I didn't have any pics, so I thought that I'd share this.

Hugs and good health to all.


  1. Sometimes an uneventful day is just what is needed. I've read that in Japanese culture, the negative space around things is just as important, if not more, than the objects themselves. So, view the uneventful days as the all important negative space that enhances those more eventful days. I hope your DH continues to recover.

    1. That is a really beautiful view. Thank you.

  2. Learnt something from your last post, we have creeping toadflax in our garden too, not good with plant names. Dreams are funny things. Sadly I did not have a good relationship with my late MIL. My DH is one of six and his Mum really only liked her girls and their children. My FIL is almost 90 and I love him dearly. Best wishes to you and hope your DH gets better soon.

    1. My late MIL and I did not have the best relationship at all. My FIL was an absolute sweetheart. But at least she wasn't causing trouble in the dream.