Monday, 4 August 2014

Random Thoughts

WitchHazel - I hope you are feeling okay.  Chicken pox for the first time when you are past childhood is tough!  I've had chicken pox a few times and I've had shingles once - apparently it was the perfect presentation of shingles on the sciatic nerve.  I am going back to the doctor on Wednesday.  On my arms and legs (I am covered!) it looks like chickenpox, on my hands it looks like a type of eczema and parts of my arms and one leg look a little like psoriasis.  The last GP was a bit new, the one I am seeing Wednesday is lovely, probably technically insane and brilliant.  DH is being an absolute hero.

I have just read an article on the BBC here about washing machines controlled by smartphones and accessing wifi and reporting back.  This seems a little odd to me.  I struggle to see the benefit and it looks like just one more thing to go wrong and make you buy an expensive new one, but who am I to talk.  I won't be buying anything so expensive as to need smartphone operation for some time if ever.  I don't know why they would report back, unless they are studying the under use of the extra rinse cycle.  The article also talks about the washing machine being hacked.

Why would anyone hack a washing machine?  Is some trench-coated agent sitting out there chortling evilly and putting your delicates on a boil wash instead?  I mean, really.  I can imagine elves and werewolves in modern day Britain.  I can imagine a medieval fantasy landscape with sweeping armies and grand castles.  I cannot imagine any point in hacking a washing machine.  Perhaps it is because I am under the weather.  Besides, anyone hacking my kitchen equipment would just snigger and send a how-to booklet.

Father is apparently bright in himself but problems with feeding continue.

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