Friday, 22 August 2014

Things Seen From a Bus

As I was on my way to visit father the bus passed a house where a policeman was standing by the doorway and an ambulance was parked outside.  It made me wonder.  If it had been serious I am sure there would have been a lot more police and a lot more commotion, so what could it have been?  There is nothing in the news.  I hope it was nothing serious.  I can make plenty of stories up, but stories are just stories.  Real people and real life is a different thing altogether and I would hate anyone to be upset.

I also noticed that the specialist cookware shop that has been in town since the Flood (well, 1899) has closed.  I loved going in there, it was ripe with possibilities and inspiration.  I bought my pans from there.  They cost an absolute fortune (to me) and were half price and still a lot of money.  However they are still looking good ten years later on and likely to outlast me.  I am really said they are going.

Bear went on a playdate with a friend from school who has a new kitten.  I described it to father as black, white and evil.

Father was helped to try to eat something today but it didn't work.  He choked too much.  However he is much brighter and I am optimistic.

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  1. Glad that Dear Father is looking a little brighter, and sending hugs. Hope you are taking care of yourself too xxx