Monday 8 September 2014

Bearing Up

Bear has stained his new school shirt with spaghetti bolognese sauce.  I have washed it twice with spray cleaner and I suppose I will have another go tomorrow and hopefully will hang it on the line in possible sunshine.  I really am unimpressed that his first day stained a shirt.

Bear has also picked up a bug and is doing a very good, Oscar winning performance.  He is suffering, absolutely suffering with a sore throat, poorly tummy, headache etc etc etc and it has even affected his consumption of treats. It hasn't affected it much, but there has been a slight impact.

I had the joy of the first homework this year.  There were a list of words that bear could already spell without thinking and a request for some sentences about his new class.  As bear is suffering with dramatic intensity I will have my hands full sorting that lot out.

Bear also got four team points in class.  I always have to extract this sort of information even though good performance gets rewards.  He treats such achievements with weary disdain.  Other parents know more about his results than I do, he was the star of the day on Thursday and I only found out when one of his friends told me on Friday.

So all normal for bear.

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