Monday, 29 September 2014

Sometimes I am a Good Mum

It has been a tough time for bear recently.  He has been quite upset by father going into hospital and then the news that he will have to go into a nursing care home.  The social worker and nursing staff were clear - father needs continuing medical attention.  He isn't poorly, but he needs assistance with all sorts of things and while it isn't high level, high intensity nursing, it is more than I could manage even with carers calling in.  I think I have found a nice place, so fingers crossed.

Last weekend I was on IV antibiotics for cellulitis.  Poor bear was a bit stressed by that as well.  DH was an absolute rock and was brilliant with bear and bringing things in for me.  Even now I am home I am still a bit shaky so bear is feeling the stress.

This afternoon after school bear was obviously tired, and when bear is tired he speeds up.  It is as if he has a fast forward button.  He was rattling around the computer and then the keyboard with piano practice, then making a fort from the sofa, then rummaging upstairs like a little ricochet.  Then he appeared before me, a vision of the essence of a seven year old boy.  He was wearing his headguard, his martial arts gloves, his foot and shin protectors and his groin guard.  He was also wearing a pair of red underpants and nothing else.  Despite his best efforts to eat his own bodyweight in sugar there is more meat on a butcher's pencil.  And I didn't take a picture.

I am so proud of my darling son, really proud.  I think he is amazing and I put some of his adventures on here.  However I really try and avoid putting things on here that will embarrass him at 14, or 24.  I don't mind looking back and seeing some of his funnier adventures, but I try and keep it respectful.  So while I will never, ever forget the way he leapt out, dressed up and grinning with glee, I'll spare him the embarrassment of his kids finding the photo.

He was Sorting Things Out until gone 9pm tonight, making sure that the right things were in the right place on the New Desk.  The room didn't look any different when I just tucked him in, but I suspect he is displacing a bit.  Of course he will be shattered tomorrow and on fast forward again.  I can't wait to see how that turns out.

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