Tuesday 9 January 2018

And another cough

The aches and pains are subsiding but my cough is developing nicely and my nose is wonderfully snuffly and red.  It could be worse.  I didn't order anything too crazed from eBay.  I did start a random project.  I had some yarn that I bought cheap and wondered what I'd do with it.  Well, the yarn is now probably going to eventually be a weird looking sweater.  If I ever finish it, I'll share and I'm not sure which is odder - the pattern or the yarn!

While I was trawling through the net I found that quite a few yarn manufacturers had free patterns.  I found some lovely ones on the Rowan website, and they have some amazing looking yarns - camello has camel hair in it!  I would have had a longer browse but the site is running at a very slow amble and I can't be bothered to wait. 

To be honest, I'm also running at a very slow amble, so I'll get to you tomorrow. 


  1. Feel better soon! I'm trying to stay away from shopping too much so when I do I look for free patterns. The only trouble is then I want to buy the yarn lol. A vicious circle.

    1. Free patterns are bait! If you go on the Red Heart website there are dozens and dozens of amazing patterns - all free! Of course, you have to buy the Red Heart Yarn that goes with them... Fortunately I can't get Red Heart Yarn here. Thanks for the good wishes. x

  2. Hope you are feeling better by the time you read this.