Thursday 11 January 2018

Darn it to Heck

Wherethejourneytakesme - I've replied to your comment on 8th.  Hugs x

I'm feeling worse.  It is not a fun time and I suspect bear is coming down with it as well.  I keep telling him to take his vitamins and pushing fruit on him.

I'm feeling very weak if I do anything, so I have decided that today is a 'do nothing and watch YouTube' day. 

As I'm feeling random and slightly detached, here's a picture of Quarry House, Leeds

It's the headquarters of NHS England, apparently.  I temped there for the Department of Health but they shared the building with the DWP at the time.  The building is truly massive, I mean, massively massive.  There's a swimming pool in there as well as a gym and a dentist.  You can easily get lost.  I used to wander round the main corridors and look at the artwork when I was on my lunch break and there is an amazing full height glass atrium on the other side of the building that had the most fantastic view. 

Two interesting facts.  It is built on Quarry Hill, previously the site of slums that were cleared post war.  Hitler had the site marked as his headquarters in the North of England if he conquered the UK.  And funnily enough I also temped at a place where someone knew the architect.  The spike on top that looks like the death ray from Ming the Merciless was inspired by the top of a fire extinguisher. 


  1. The things you learn while trolling the internet!
    Hope you feel better. We’ve had a nasty virus, too. No flue, thankfully!

    1. Thanks for the good wishes. I hope you have got over the virus. There's some nasty bugs around! LM x

  2. It always looks like it belongs in Romania - they have similar buildings from the Ceaușescu period. Very solid fortress style with comparatively small windows like a prison. MI6 headquarters looks similar in style.
    I liked the old Quarry Hill flats - the old flats in Sheffield have been refurbed and since become 'posh' professionals flats.

    1. I only moved to Leeds in 1988 so I don't remember the old flats, but the pictures I've seen look awesome. We always joke about Ming the Merciless and his Death Ray when we go past. LM x

  3. Feel better soon! I hope Bear and hubby manage to avoid catching it.

  4. Thank you! I'm watching them like a hawk and nagging them to take vitamins! LM x