Friday 19 January 2018

Rad Threadz

It's a non-uniform day at bear's school.  He went in wearing a Marc Jacobs t-shirt (gift from DH's auntie who can really get a deal) and Gap jeans (eBay is my friend) topped with a supermarket hoodie that is a shade too small for him but I was out of options.

Bear is getting a little more clothes conscious.  Not totally, thank goodness, but a little.  I'm not discouraging it.  I'm hoping that it will help me during the teenage years when his confidence needs a boost.  The biggest problem I can see is the whole concept of sweater. 

DH doesn't wear sweaters.  I've knitted him one, which he appreciated but didn't wear.  I've bought him sweaters.  He appreciated the thought, didn't wear.  He just doesn't do knitwear.  Bear is exactly the same.  He will wear a sweater to school, but as far as I can tell he sheds it early on.  It has become a battle of wits to have more sweaters at home than in his drawer at school.  Once, after I had been more sarcastic than usual (don't worry, bear had been in fits of giggles), he turned out of the class wearing three sweaters, one on top of the other.  He said it was the easiest way to get them home. 

When it comes to non-uniform sweaters he wears a Christmas sweater on Christmas sweater day, wears a sweater at least once during winter and then loses interest.  I don't even look at things like knitwear any more when buying clothes for bear.  I could get him the most amazing sweater or hoodie and he would wear it twice before outgrowing it.  So do I cave and get him a sweater that actually fits?  Do I get a sweater that he can grow into?  Or do I just ignore the issue and hope it goes away?  Because I can see bear starting to get picky and it could get expensive. 

I think I'll take the opportunity to have a browse on eBay.  It's the right time of year for people to have made New Year's Resolutions to clear stuff out so I may pick up something good.  And if I get even luckier I'll be able to sell it after bear has worn it once. 


  1. It's funny watching them grow up especially when they start to take an interest in clothes. I've got to admit my two boys didn't really care. The youngest boy (middle child) had sensory issues so it was really tough getting him in anything that felt 'rough'. Of course that didn't go over well once he hit high school but that's a whole other story. None of them really were into wearing jumpers or anything like that. It's funny now because middle son is the one who is most picky about what he wears. He likes clothes and he likes looking smart. He is the one who wears jumpers now - fancy ones lol. Daughter is and has always been interested in clothes. Luckily now that she's living on her own she has the space for it - a walk in closet (as it's called over here).

    Ebay is a great place to look or maybe an upper end charity shop. As you said a lot of people want to clear out at this time of year. Daughter still loves looking in charity shops. Just the other day she was telling me one of her favourites had a .25c a piece shopping day. She spent a whole $9. Lol. Fits right in with her budget!

    1. Absolutely agree with charity shops. It's worth having a rummage around independent charity shops in posh towns. That reminds me, maybe I should have a trip to Ilkley! LM x