Monday, 5 May 2014

Caught Again

Father had got some microwave meals in and he wanted to use one up before it went out of date.  For me that was a sign to make pasta and sauce for everyone else.  DH, bear and me all love pasta and sauce full of peppers, but father doesn't.  This means that we usually avoid the pasta and I never have peppers in.  Today I had an opportunity.

I asked DH to take us to Aldi.  DH is very good about lifts, but I always think it is a bit unfair to ask him when he works so hard.  Normally I rely on my deliveries and Aldi is an odd place to get to, but DH was happy to help.  It was a chance for him to wander around PC World with bear while I shopped.  Bear was less impressed as he had just started a complicated word document on the computer (he was explaining what a suffix was to DH in the middle of his complaint) but he came happily enough.

I said firmly that I was only taking a small bag.  I wanted sweet peppers and I wanted dishwasher tablets as I was running low and Aldi's are not only very inexpensive but they are also very good.  I thought I heard something snigger at the time.  I ignored it.

I got a trolley, left DH and bear to go and wander and then whizzed into Aldi.  All I wanted was some dishwasher tablets and some sweet peppers.  I decided to get a few boxes of the tablets to save coming back too soon, but that was it.

It came to £81 at the checkout.  It should be hard to spend that much at Aldi on anything but I managed it.  There was £21 on three shirts, one for father and two for uncle.  I don't think uncle has any light shirts so these were ideal.  I picked up some spiced rum for DH and some liqueur for me to keep them company with, that was another £14.  There was some melamine stuff which now that some neighbours have moved is worth using in the garden, that came to £14.50.  I also threw in some treats for bear and then there was the grand total of £16.85 on four boxes of dishwasher tablets and three sweet peppers.

I use two dishwasher tablets per day on average.  I got 160 tablets so that is nearly three months before I need to risk going again.  Perhaps it is just as well.

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