Wednesday, 7 May 2014


Today I woke up with an absolute determination to iron.  It needs doing, I have just dried a big load of shirts, bear is always needing uniform and unless I sort out the tangled heap I will never get my sewing machine out.

First I fixed the curtain in my room.  It sort of slid off the first time I closed it, but I never remembered unless it was last thing at night or first thing in the morning and I was either exhausted or rushing.  I felt quite good about that and up for some serious ironing after a boost of actually getting something done.

The garden kneeler I found when I was clearing a space to get out the microwave we put away when father came to stay with a very superior machine was useful when I cleared out the space under the kitchen stairs.  Father would like a microwave for the purposes of ready brek and hot chocolate with brandy.  I leave him to sort out whatever he likes.  I have been meaning to get at that under stair space for a while as it is great to store the 7up that father likes with his whisky.  When it is on offer at £1 per bottle instead of £1.98 I usually get a dozen bottles and it takes some time to get through those.  I also now have access to the dehumidifer there - it is so damp that the wood chip is peeling.

I'm on my third lot of washing, my second run of the dishwasher and I've sorted out a load of boxes.  I've passed some spare cat litter to Nice Mr Next Door (although I kept some in case of difficult spills).  I've got rid of some cake tins to the charity shop pile, cleaned out the veg rack and did a good extra clean of the halogen oven.  The bottle of multipurpose Dettol cleaner, dilute as required, that has sat on my window sill for ages has been brilliant.  I am seriously tempted to try it out on the awkward spots on my cooker.

No ironing.

I can have a go tomorrow.
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  1. Maybe no ironing but it does sound as if you got some sorting out done - well done!

    1. wannabe sybil8 May 2014 at 08:15

      Thanks, I feel cautiously pleased with myself. WS xxx