Sunday, 11 May 2014

What's for Dinner

Father was a little cast down as Liverpool did not win the Premier League.  This is reasonable enough.  He came downstairs and asked what was for dinner.  I told him that I had some sausages I wanted to use.  I actually needed to use them as they were defrosted yesterday and I didn't want to throw them out.
"Great," said father.  "I'll have a prawn omelette."

At that point I realised I didn't have a patio to bury him under.  I also don't have an omelette pan or any idea how to make a prawn omelette.  I can have some good guesses - beat up eggs - possibly with water or milk, heat butter in pan, cook prawns, add beaten eggs, fold over when set.  I've never successfully managed it.

I do have a small plastic fold over thing that you put in the microwave.  I don't think that was what father had in mind.  I did have a large quantity of tomato sausages that I was planning to do with butternut squash and perhaps some cabbage.  Bear is currently rejecting sausages so I was planning to give him the sandwich ham that needed using up.  Father offered him a prawn sandwich.  Bear of course leapt at the chance of prawns (which are smelling worryingly fishy) and so DH made him the sandwich as I peeled the potatoes for what was now sausage and mash.

DH did ask why I didn't just use the frying pan.  The only frying pan I have is a good twelve inches across and the veteran of a thousand chili con charlies.  It is ideal for a spaghetti bolognese for four.  I suspect, though, that it wouldn't be Delia Smith's first choice for an omelette.

Poor father - he had treated himself to a packet of prawns and was stuck with sausages.  However this is one reason why meal planning doesn't really work in our house.  I'm off to price up and tentatively consider an omelette pan.

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  1. Oh Sybil you do make me smile. Sounds just like tea in our house today, a lamb roast was planned and then everyone decided that was not what they wanted and ended up with cheese and tomato toasted sandwiches! The lamb is cooked so guess what we are having for tea tomorrow?! Lorna x

    1. I bet the lamb was delicious - and the cost of it means it can't be wasted! It's fun, isn't it? WS xxx