Thursday, 15 May 2014

Normal for Here

I think father is feeling a bit fragile.  He had the tv on last night and stayed downstairs.  Normally he wanders upstairs to do his own thing, last night I think he needed company.  He didn't get it from me.  He had the tv volume on extra loud and while he would reject any suggestion that he is deaf, he does normally have it on double the volume I prefer.  Last night it was even louder and I had such a thumping head that I hid away.  DH kept him company and apparently he was in a very rambling mood.  I don't feel bad about this - father does prefer DH's company, I think he enjoys the company of another man.

To be honest I am a bit worried.  Today he went out to fetch his papers.  I had already got them but I couldn't tell him as I was on the phone to the council - and that is never a quick call.  I saw him coming home along the street and he was so frail looking.

We had been talking about what we may theoretically, possibly, in the fullness of time, consider thinking about doing in the bathroom.  Today father took down the bathroom cabinet from the wall and then went off to play snooker.  He will not come home sober.

I broke the news over the phone to DH so that he did not come home to a dreadful shock.  DH was not impressed.  He may love father, but he needs somewhere to keep his contact stuff.  I had been blindsided and was a bit baffled.  I've put a shelf back up, and I've tidied out a different cupboard and sorted out some of the stuff in to there, and we keep most of the medicines in the kitchen anyway, so the few upstairs got moved.  It could be worse.

I think father would like the whole house decorated and is moving things along.  It is overdue but I dread to think what will happen next!

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