Thursday, 22 May 2014

High Gravity Day

High Gravity Days are ones where you drop things.  If a jar lid gets stuck when you really need to get it open quick before the pan explodes then it is a High Gravity Day.  If you are in a rush and have opened a bottle, the lid will bounce everywhere on a High Gravity Day and on the Highest Gravity Days will bounce under somewhere inaccessible and while you dig it out the full bottle that the lid belongs to will get knocked over and spill over something difficult to clean.  It is the sort of day when the postman knocks on the door either when you are far too occupied in the bathroom or up to your eyebrows in greasy water or trying on something inappropriate and it takes you ages to get to the door, and when you get there in a face mask or hair dye you get the Look.  Mind you, my postman is so used to me I hardly ever get that Look these days.

Normally I don't call a day 'High Gravity' until the evening.  However I managed to drop an egg between the fridge and the cooker and once I have dragged my courage together I will have to pull one or both out and face the horrors.  That is quite High Gravity.  I have also managed to knock my glasses while opening a car door and have been outwitted by a carrier bag so I think I am safe.

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It is too rainy to check on the bees, but they were considerably calmer yesterday so I suspect they saw off whatever was bothering them.  The rain also means that I don't have to water the trees.  I think I would still prefer the sunshine.

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