Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Review of the Week

I love the extra day in a weekend that you get with a Bank Holiday, but I am always out of sync for the rest of the week.  It feels so much like a Monday.

I didn't do so well last week.  I didn't get much writing done, but if I can manage to write for the challenges then I can manage to write for myself.  This week still has a 5000 word target.  I didn't get any knitting done either, mainly because I kept forgetting to bring down the yarn from my bedroom to carry on with the knitting in the living room.  The 100g target stays.  As for the room for the sewing, it is still not good but it is better, and I think maybe another week will do it.  I am quietly optimistic.

Now I am off to hang out the washing.  It's a great drying day, and it's great to get stuff outside.  It feels like spring is finally here.


  1. Haven't commented lately but I am here reading every post - hope you are feeling better now, all of you, and in fine form! Take care, and keep up the good work with the writing xxx

    1. wannabe sybil7 May 2014 at 07:55

      I am not expecting comments from someone who is busy with a new kitchen so I feel really hugged to 'see' you. WS xxx