Monday, 27 October 2014

A big step for bear

I don't like kids standing on things in kitchens.  I suppose one reason is that the layout of my kitchen means that there are far too many ways it could end badly if bear slipped.  To be fair, bear has always taken the view that it is a mother's job to keep the supply of food, drink and treats going and what was I waiting for.

Today, however, bear has shown that he can reach the cold tap.  He is on his toes but it isn't much of a stretch.  So I have moved plastic beakers into reach and told him he can help himself to juice whenever he likes.  Bear was enchanted by the idea.  I will be buying small bottles of juice for a while, so that bear can manage them a bit better.

I also said that here are the bowls, help yourself to cereal.  That is less likely to happen.  Bear has strong Views about who should make a breakfast and it isn't him.  I also suspect that bear's enchantment with making his own juice will wear off pretty quickly as he finds himself going up and down to the kitchen instead of mother.  However I remember seeing a teenager just look at her mother and say, 'make me a sandwich' and the mother immediately jumping up to make it.  That is something I really, really do not want to happen in our house.

I am going back to setting a target for a week.  In the past I have set a target and veered wildly away at a tangent on a regular basis, but it means stuff gets done in some area.  This week is half term and small boys will be over running the house all day.  I am trying to be realistic.  I won't be able to do much.  However I think I will aim to finish the red knitted blanket for bear.  There is over a 1000g of yarn left to use up, so it is a big push, but I can do that while listening to havoc on the Wii or for the tell-tale sound of 'crash, ow!'

Off to check on what exactly is happening now.

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  1. I would be inclined to let Bear get his own breakfast during the school holidays, if he can't be bothered that's his problem, I presume he must be 7ish? You will end up being worn to a frazzle if you wait on him. My boy's always got their own breakfast as soon as they were able!! I warned them that if they emptied the cereal box after a couple of days there would be no more until the next week!! They soon learn portion control!! Good luck for the rest of half term hols!!