Friday, 24 October 2014

Hospital Appointment

I had a hospital appointment today in a hospital I had never visited before.  Mind you, it may be all new brick and glass but at heart all hospitals are the same.  Despite being the newest build hospital it had the most ancient toilets I had ever seen.  It had a sort of Victorian cistern high up on the wall with a dangling, wooden handled chain.  The noise it made when I pulled was awesome, like a spooky special effect and when I washed my hands the flow to the slow filling cistern was put on pause.  In other words, in a huge modern hospital the plumbing was worse than our home.

The appointments were running over significantly, but that was okay as I had my kindle.  It was all rather painless.  I came away with two creams.

The pharmacist explained the creams to me at length.  The first cream should be treated with extreme caution, used once a day, very sparingly and treated with the same care as spent plutonium.  The second cream should be slathered on indiscriminately and frequently but is an extreme fire hazard.  It is paraffin based and while is perfectly safe in the pot, or even on the skin, it is extremely flammable once it sticks to your clothes - which it does automatically and thoroughly.  I must at all costs stay away from naked flames.

I felt flat when I got into town so before getting the bus home I called into a health food shop.  I spent a few minutes wandering around and going, 'How much?!!!' but succumbed to some gluten free bread.  I have been quite clear - I don't want to do substitutes if I could help it, instead I would prefer to find alternatives that are more 'normal' like oatcakes instead of bread.  I weakened today.  It was a mistake.  I have never had anything so foul in my life and the cost of it makes it worse.  I will have the rest of the very tiny packet tomorrow as I can't bear to waste that amount of money, but I will be pulling a face with every mouthful.


  1. Gluten-free bread is like glue in the mouth, I find - and I hate it. I do buy pitta breads from Tesco occasionally, which I find acceptable. I'd rather do without bread than eat that sliced pap though. Actually, I have found over the years that I can do without bread quite easily, so don't worry about it these days. I eat potatoes and rice and am sufficiently overweight not to be worried about starving to death for the lack of bread!! Good luck with it all - and be careful with those creams, for goodness' sake!

  2. M &S gluten free bread is gorgeous!!