Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Crushed Walnut Shells

Apparently you can buy crushed walnut shells here

Who thought of crushing walnut shells?  Who was the first thing to think, I know, I can crush up these walnut shells and use them to stuff a pincushion.  Mind you, I've heard coffee grounds recommended for stuffing pincushions and I'm not convinced by that either.

You can use it as a tumbling medium and all sorts, apparently.  How did anyone find out?  I hope it was some housewife who had just finished a long stint of deviling walnuts and decided that to heck with it, she wasn't going to let that heap go to waste.  I'm glad I wasn't the one who first ground the walnut shells.  It must be backbreaking if you don't have a special tool, whatever it is.  Perhaps that is the way round it happened.  Someone was doing a hard sell on a harried housewife who had just finished with the walnut harvest and convinced her that the heavy duty grinder would be just the ticket for crushing walnut shells for, well, stuff.  I'm sure that actually the crushed walnut shells do an excellent job, but I blinked.

I'm a bit low, and it looks like we won't get out tomorrow so I was confiding in my friend, ebay.  Do you know how much you can browse through if you pick a category, put in auction only, maximum price 99p and then sort by price + p&p highest first.  You see all sorts of strange beasts at the start of their journey into a bidding war, like crushed walnut shells.  Speaking of which, please let me be out bid on 12 kg of fabric pieces - I haven't even unboxed the sewing machine!

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