Thursday, 16 October 2014

Actually Thinking

Just next to the Nursing Home where father is now living is a very small Co-op.  I like the Co-op, I worked there in the eighties and looking back I think being on the till there was the best job I ever had.  It isn't the cheapest supermarket, but the bigger ones have some good bargains and I'm glad to have somewhere to run to for bits for father.

Today as I popped in for his paper and some random other stuff I found a stand with little sachets of squishy stuff for *only* £1.  I picked one up.  It was an Uncle Ben's mix for chilli and you just added mince, tinned tomatoes and kidney beans.  I thought about it.  My chilli is not classic, and includes baked beans, but even with a generous spirit, if was adding mince, tomatoes and kidney beans the only things that the pouch would contain would be a couple of onions and some spices, which is rather dear at £1.  The link to the pouch on the Tesco site is here - and it doesn't even include onions!  Mind you, it is gluten free.

More and more I am working out whether it is worth buying a packet or tin.  I think I saved at least 70p just stopping and thinking.  I can't see that it would save that much time either.

I am beginning to seriously think there needs to be lessons in shopping at school.

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