Sunday, 12 October 2014

Spanish Tortilla Epic Fail

Okay, perhaps not an epic fail, but it got a bit iffy.

I had extra eggs, the remains of a sack of potatoes I had been a bit dubious about and - most importantly, I had some kale, purple broccoli and asparagus needing using up due to a veg box delivery.  I remembered vaguely reading about frittatas and thought that they sounded idea - a lot of green stuff cooked with eggs and I thought I could remember seeing a recipe in the Remoska cookbook.  I couldn't find the cookbook so I went off and googled.  I found this.

The recipe calls for spinach, and I thought I could put in the broccoli and kale then and perhaps serve with the asparagus.  It also calls for eight potatoes, thinly sliced. I know my limitations when it comes to slicing things thinly so I peeled eight potatoes and put them through the food processor.  I did wonder if the potatoes were big enough when I peeled them as they didn't look that big, sort of middle to smallish, but it's surprising how much potato expands when it is put through the processor.  It barely fit into the Remoska by the time I had added the onion (with a leek substituted for one of the onions as I needed to use it up).

I was hoping that the huge mass would cook down.  Half an hour later it was exactly the same volume and the bits that were up against the lid were burnt.  There was no possible room for the veggies.  I added the eggs and hoped for the best.

It did end up lovely, but I've got rid of the kale as it was looking very secondhand, and tomorrow we will have something with the broccoli and asparagus as tonight I am making DH's favourite meal (he really deserves it) and it doesn't involve anything green.

Next time I will knock two potatoes off the total, add a few peas or some sweetcorn and some shredded bacon and go for it.  It was a really nice gluten free lunch with half left over after feeding not only me, bear and DH but also bear's friend.

I am now off to google frittata recipes.  Again.

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