Friday, 5 August 2016

Bear's Kit Will Shortly be Ready

DH and I noticed that bear was wearing jogging bottoms at the school sports day, but put it down to preference.  When he brought his sports kit home (school insists that a kit is kept on site at all time) it appears that his shorts were missing.  

As bear was playing football all week he needed shorts.  For the first few days he wore a pair of red shorts that I washed each night.  On Wednesday night I found the other pair of shorts that came as a pack of two with the shorts that had been in bear's sports kit at school that had gone missing.  I was so relieved that I didn't have to put the washer on so late and triumphantly brought them out Thursday morning.  Bear utterly refused.  Bear said very firmly indeed that they were too baggy and too short.  He was not wearing them, he was wearing the unwashed ones from the day before.

I could sympathise.  However I did draw two conclusions.  The first conclusion was a strong feeling that bear's shorts had been lost accidentally on purpose.  My second conclusion was that this was not the first time that bear had failed to let me know an issue about clothing, it certainly will not be the last, but it is up there with most annoying.  I got a pair of shorts from H&M for £4.99 on Thursday that bear has deemed acceptable and will do for sports next year.  

There is always a bright side.  I had found a site that told you how to make a bag out of a t-shirt.  Bear's t-shirt from his sports kit has a huge hole in one sleeve (no, he didn't tell me that either) and I have a legitimate excuse to use it to make a bag.  

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  1. What fun! I have always wanted to make a bag out of a t-shirt!