Monday, 15 August 2016

Naff Raff

Bear was in a high state of naff raff today.  We didn't get out, and I could have done with it.  I needed some bits and as bear is determined not only to cook but to chop every single vegetable available it would have been fun to wander through the market and look at what fruit and veg was on offer.

Instead bear went to sleep.

He has been like that all day.  Naff raff about what he will/won't eat, what he wants to drink, about being too hot, too cold, etc etc.  He had another nap in the afternoon.  Fortunately no pals were around today.  I think he could do with a few more days of naps and baking.  I will see how it goes.

The halogen oven has given up.  I was devastated.  The gluten free crumbed fish portions that I had been looking forward to were burnt on the outside and raw in the middle, and the fish fingers last week had a similar fate.  I'm looking on it as a shopping opportunity, but darn.

 We made magic cake today, which was very successful.  It needed four eggs, separated.  Bear asked to do this, and I was fine.  I have a little pottery thingy which is a remarkably efficent egg separator.  You crack the egg into it, tilt the pot until the contents are against the slit in the side, the white runs out and the yolk stays put.  However if you break the yolk when you break the egg it doesn't work.  It took us eight eggs to get the four separated ones, and two of the successes were mine from showing bear.  It's a learning curve.

I need to get a Tesco order together now.  I need to get more eggs, more vegetables and some tinned meat to replace the stuff I used tonight when the fish was meh!  I also need inspiration.  I may look at their recipes.

Then I'm going to sit down with the knitting and relax.

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  1. Sounds like Bear needed that nap.

    I hadn't heard of magic cake, so I looked it up. Now, I know I need to give it a try! Maybe next week, when daughter will be home to help eat it!