Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Would Have, Could Have, Should Have

I have had a very brief review of my blog.  It is full of 'I will...' which hasn't happened and very little 'I have...'

One of the things was finish 'A Simple Spell' before bear finished for his holiday - not happened!  However wandering around the ideas in it did make me wonder if vampires needed birth control.  Witch Hazel made some good points.  For the sake of discussion, in the medieval version of vampires, vampires became vampires after being fed on for some time and then dying.  Other things could cause it, though, like being a witch, a disrupted funeral or red hair.  I am not sure whether any vampires that may be in it will need birth control as I haven't decided who the female lead ends up with yet.  There have also been interesting discussions with DH about whether a vampire (who is dead) will have a pulse, blood pressure etc and how it will affect a vital part of the proceedings.

Apparently bear woke up this morning sitting in the doorway of his room.  As he is always the first to wake up it is hard to verify, but it is plausible from the bumps and bangs I heard.  I think I may have to keep an eye on this.

I was in town today but I will have to consider coming home when bear is at the soccer camp.  When I am near shops I buy stuff.  Today it was some jeans for me and two shirts for DH (who really needs them!).  It was the last day of BHS in our town, so I went in.  I didn't see anything for bear.

Mind you, perhaps it is just as well.  In M&S (where I bought a shirt for full price!) the lady in front of me didn't know anyone who had a baby girl, didn't know anyone who was expecting a baby girl, but decided that the outfit was such a good bargain that she would get it anyway.

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