Tuesday, 23 August 2016

I Hate Gluten

Grumble grumble grumble

I used to really love gluten.  I couldn't get enough of all the different breads and cakes.  I loved wholemeal bread and rye bread and couldn't get enough barley in a stew.  If I had it now I would be very poorly.  I wish I could hate it, things would be much easier for me.

Last night we watched Eat Well for Less, which for those that haven't seen it is a programme about cutting food shopping bills.  One of the adults in the family was coeliac so had to go gluten free.  By the end of the show I was feeling fed up.  I know that it wasn't all about gluten, but they kept going on about things being wheat free when gluten is also in barley and rye.  They kept talking about 'no wheat' and missed the bonus that a lot of standard stuff is actually gluten free because that is how it is made rather than any design, like Heinz baked beans and some soups.  They didn't mention barley malt, which can be a real hazard and crops up in all sorts of places.  They didn't mention the unexpected hazard of malt vinegar in pickles and sauces and that some companies, like Reeses (who make Reeses cups) and Pataks are pretty much all gluten free.

And then, then, as we are running desperately low on treats, I went on Approved Food and they had a barley malt drink listed under the gluten free stuff.

Also it is too hot.

Also, despite it being hot (very hot in the house), I have promised a shepherd's pie tonight and I had better deliver.  Sigh.

Tomorrow we are supposed to be going to the pictures.  Bear thinks we are going to see Nine Lives but actually I'm going to see the air conditioning.


  1. Unfortunately these programmes are always skewed to the LCD, lowest common denominator. But then they have to prove the presenters right, don't they.

  2. So sorry about the issues with gluten. But had to laugh about you going to see the air conditioning. There have been times when we've gone for a drive around the block for the air conditioning!