Tuesday, 9 August 2016


Witch Hazel The fairy door idea is incredibly unnerving.  They pop up all over.  Here's one from Amazon

The idea is to instill a sense of wonder into little children.  I think bear would have wondered where his mother's sense had gone.  I'm reminded far too much of the Wee Free Men of Sir Terry Pratchett.  They would probably have been sick on it.  If you put a mousetrap outside, what sort of fairy could you catch.  As it could possibly be a brownie I would probably make it a humane mousetrap.  I can't find any online images of a fairy splatted in a normal mousetrap.  Maybe there's a market.  I could bait it with this.

It looks unfortunately high in sugar, but I can imagine the elfen in my stories lapping it up.

Bear watched Eat Well for Less and one dessert was jelly poured over fruit and set.  Bear approved of the concept.  The show also showed Aldi's non-sparkly jelly as the best in a taste test so we got some jelly from Aldi and I poured it over some chopped, peeled pears.  Bear demolished his with serious determination.  His pal utterly rejected it as it had bits in.  Fortunately I had used three fancy containers for the jelly-with-fruit which had pear in and the jelly that remained had been poured into a glass and was set without 'bits'.  The pal approved of that.

I'm going to have to get more jelly in.  Also try and work out what pal prefers.  He has strong preferences, as does bear.  Unfortunately they don't overlap in many places and it looks like I will be doing a lot of feeding, and heaven help me with the others!  There are twenty six days left of the summer holiday.


  1. That's so kind of you to accommodate Bear's pal's preferences.

  2. When I was young, we used to love eating jelly "raw". The jelly boxes were dark green (if I recall correctly, but I can't for the life of me remember the make. I think it was the only packet jelly (non powdered jelly, anyway) that was available in supermarkets then.
    The sparkly jelly looks interesting, I think i'll add a box to my next order and see if it tastes how I remember.