Thursday, 11 August 2016

I Ought Not to Look

I get desperate.  I try and feed bear and DH healthy meals, well, at least occasionally, so I look at the fruit and veg on offer online at Tesco and I have zero inspiration.  I yearn for a veg box.  A random assortment of veg that I have to do something with and I can take it from there.  It never ends well.  Another one arrived today.

Actually the locally grown veg box for £10 wasn't too bad.  There were potatoes, carrots, a swede, a leek roughly the size of my leg, a very nice cabbage, lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes.  The salad box had more tomatoes, lettuce, sweet peppers, a cucumber that would make anyone's eyes water, celery, and sorrel and was £5.  The disappointment was the fruit box. I paid £18 for this, which was to supply small boys, myself and DH.  It was limp.  There were plenty of bananas, and the apples and satsuma-type citrus looked nice (though very small, even for small boys), but it would have cost around £10 from Tesco.  Perhaps I should have just gone with one of the boxes of local fruit.

Regardless, it's frittata for dinner tonight with apple crumble afterwards.  Bear is insisting on his right to chop the leek.  It's almost as big as him.

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  1. Sorry the fruit box was a disappointment.

    By the way, your post about the jelly with fruit had me lingering in front of the shelves with gelatin boxes at the grocery store, today. But I didn't buy any because I believe I still have a box somewhere in my kitchen cabinet.