Monday, 16 December 2019

Monday has Happened

Mindo - I think I will try that. It's so frustrating as it was inexpensive, cuddly and exactly what bear loved.

Bless - I think I will be awash with cake for at least the next few weeks, that and soup as bear has decided he likes soup and can make lunches while he is off. I suspect that the lunches will be delegated to me quite rapidly, but cake will continue, I'm sure.

Blogs are strange things. These days I usually look at the stats as it leads me to a quick link to somewhere else. I did pause, however, when I saw the numbers. Then I looked a little closer. Apparently I'm getting a lot of hits from a porn site. So far today I have had just under 450 from there. They aren't real, or at least I hope so. I imagine this is not the sort of thing you click on after viewing porn. Apparently it's nothing to worry about and just to do with algorithms. I don't know exactly what algorithms are, but it's reassuring that someone is not reading this and feeling let down in very tangible ways.

We had a trip to a consultant today. It was a different consultant to the one we saw last week, and less stressful. It has been confirmed that bear is colour blind. I've known that for a while, but now I will have a letter from a consultant that tells me he is colour blind and I will be able to show it to school who will then hopefully realise that bear can't tell the difference between green and brown and not put them next to each other on maps and charts and then expect him to work it out. Bear also has issues with dark blue and purple, and completely misses pale pink. I've told him never to go clothes shopping by himself.

Writing stuff - this week's challenge is here.

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  1. I, at one point, had an unhealthy amount of visits from a Russian gambling site, fortunately that seems to have calmed down - I did wonder if it is a 'bot' and they send out randomly spam visits to try to tout for business... who knows?