Saturday, 21 December 2019

Start of Christmas

Hester - that must have been unnerving. I've had that a few times - vans coming straight at me and nowhere to go. I'm glad you got away from it.

Mindo - I tried that tip with bear's fluffy top and it worked - thank you!

Yesterday I drove DH for the first time since the test drive back in April. I did just under 34 miles and got lost on the way back from Dewsbury to Heckmondwike because I didn't understand the satnav (again). There was the usual selection of crazy turns, steep hills and close manoeuvering. DH said that he now understood why I wasn't stressed at the thought of driving to Whitby. I can face the idea of strange moorland roads, steep climbs and unexpected turns without flinching. I'm still not good with the concept of motorways.

Today Liverpool won the Club World Championship (sorry VC, but it had to be said). We are settling down to Christmas in a good mood now. Bear wants to bake tomorrow, so I am braced. We have a recipe for Devil's Food cake, and I'm wondering where it will lead. Bear and DH also demolished a cheese board, so I will need to stock up with cheese on Monday.

Hugs to all.

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