Saturday, 25 January 2020

Bear Doing Okay

Thank you for the hugs, Hazel. They were very much needed and appreciated.

Bear has a new set of tablets to take after a visit to the Saturday GP. I just need to sort out timings with the school.

He did well in his maths tests, and got, I think, around 75%. Percentages may come and go as it all sounded very complicated and I suspect he was blagging somewhat, as he doesn't like not being top. I think he is working the PR and keeping his fingers crossed. He did badly in English, which is infuriating. He knows the subject texts, has great expression (trust me - he can express himself extremely clearly), and understands the way that stories and language can fit together. DH has an English degree, and I tell stories as my main passion, and we both talk about stories and words to bear so he can't complain that he isn't aware of the basics of English. The teacher had a word and apparently (again, this is via bear) it was his exam technique that let him down. We can work on that.

Speaking of passions, I have just found out that I drive past a place that sells inexpensive knitting yarn. I usually end up waiting at the lights next to it one way or another, and out of curiosity I had a look on the website that was plastered over the front of the building. The yarn looks okay and most of the time I would be better going to Marriners for price, but there was one yarn that really caught my attention. I really don't need another project, in fact, I really shouldn't, but it looks so tempting - it's called Pebble yarn, and the shade is called Scottie. I got this pic from an ended eBay listing.

I haven't been inside yet, so the promise of the website may be just an illusion, and, to be honest, I daren't go in. I mustn't buy more yarn. Unfortunately they also have some car mats that would fit my car, and I could do with properly fitting car mats. I'll share if I do go in, and whether the yarn lives up to its promise.

Hugs to all.

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