Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Happy New Year

Hetty - thank you!

Wherevertheroadtakesme - I can imagine me writing a book about driving. I'd call it, 'Adventures in the Wrong Lane.' I feel like I ought to be more nervous, but actually, I feel okay driving. I'm considering trying motorways when I next get a good, dry Sunday. I'll head somewhere on the motorway and come back on country lanes. It will be awesome! I'll put out a warning first. Though, to be honest, there have been some amazing drivers that have been very kind when I've got myself into trouble, and I hope to pay it forward.

I am feeling incredibly calm and chilled. It won't last, as tomorrow I have a fair amount of havoc coming, well, a few of bear's pals and I need to make sure that the place is fit tomorrow. Or, at least, not so unfit.

I still haven't got the pan I burnt last night clean. I forgot to put water in the potatoes and didn't notice because of the steamer on top. It got quite bad before I noticed. I've tried boiling water in the pan with washing up liquid in, but that hasn't got anywhere, so I'll put some cola in overnight - DO NOT DO THIS WITH ALUMINIUM PANS! I learned that the hard way when I turned the base of a pressure cooker black. It works really well with stainless steel, though.

That's another thing I could write about - my adventures with housework. My house is, to be honest, a pit, but I know loads of theory and could probably come up with a few stories of my misadventures. For example, I know that you should never put Stergene in a washing machine. I have never seen so many bubbles in my life, they just kept coming out! It took a few cycles to get all the suds out of the machine and make it fit to use again. It may say, 'wool wash' on the bottle but it neveAr mentioned handwash only. I've picked up some good advice on here as well.

And I've deleted around a thousand emails (mainly old newsletters, thank you Bless), and unsubscribed from a few newsletters that I never read. So now I feel like the year is off to a good start.

Hugs to all! And HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


  1. Happy New Year Lyssa, hope it's a good year for you and your family xx

  2. Happy New Year! Thanks so much for all the laughs you've given me in 2019. You certainly do have a talent for writing. I think the driving adventures is a great idea for a book!