Sunday, 5 January 2020

Fried Laptop - I'm Feeling Battered

Thank you for all the kind words. They are very much appreciated!

I'm using DH's laptop. He saw what happened and said it looked a little like a powersurge. The screen went a lot of funny colours. Fortunately, nothing else was affected, but I'm now a little stressed. I was working on editing, and I'm not sure I've got back up copies of everything. That includes my older stuff, which is worrying.

On the bright side, DH knows a genius computer repair man through work, so if it can be saved, it will be saved.

Bear had an equally disappointing experience making cookies this afternoon. To my mind, there was too much sugar in the recipe and they spread way more than they should and stuck to the (extremely well greased) sheet. Bear got the recipe online. I am encouraging him to seek out different recipes, but in this case, bear wanted to make a double sized batch, then changed his mind, so I think he may have got confused with the measurements. He may have inherited the 'I can just...' attitude from me. We will have another go midweek but we have lots going on tomorrow.

I have got soooo much I ought to do tomorrow, and I may actually manage some of it.

Hugs to all.

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  1. Sorry about the laptop. I worry about that I haven't saved things either. When I write things I have it saved to a cloud as well as my computer and my google account. My photos I have saved to an external hard drive and have started using the Amazon photo storage as a back up. I tend not to reuse my SD cards so I have all the RAW format photos on those too. Can't have too many saved options lol. I hope you can save the laptop.

    Poor Bear. At least he is experimenting and perhaps finding the best recipes. I usually try to find my recipes from sites that have tried and true recipes from readers rather than fancy chefs.