Tuesday 10 November 2015


I have a list of things that need doing in the house.  I think this now needs to have 'fix porch roof' added.  The letters I picked up this morning were extremely soggy and ready for papier mache.  I managed to peel off the envelope on a couple but some were only fit for the bin.  I am still getting letters regarding father and had to ring a pension place.  They had been notified that father had died, and they had recorded the date of death.  However until I did things that I didn't know I needed to do then they were going to continue to send requests for bank details.  I am not taking it personally.

I also am slowly putting together a list of Christmas presents.  Actually most of them are putting money in a card.  However bear needs presents for Christmas and birthday.  He gets his PE bag for school for the rest of the year, books (of course - the shipping order from the Book People online is on its way) and sweeties.  I've got a Doctor Who colouring book on order, a few inexpensive Doctor Who figures from eBay and while I normally don't do clothes for presents I am considering Doctor Who pyjamas.  Bear is getting Liverpool kit for his main birthday present (HOW much!!!!) and the big deal is that he is getting a Kindle Fire tablet for his main Christmas present.

There has been much consideration over this.  However we have talked long and hard and finally agreed.  DH got the tablet through work and set up an Amazon Account just for bear.  It has no method of payment on it, because we are realistic, but we can get bear Amazon gift cards which can be used on the account.  He could save up pocket money and indulgent relatives can buy gift cards for apps, games and even books!

I am expecting a quiet Christmas.

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