Tuesday 10 November 2015

Trying Day

I know it could all be worse.  I still feel grumpy.

I had to deal with some letters for father.  One was concerning a pension.  When I rang they confirmed that they had been notified by the government 'tell us once' service, but they didn't take any notice of that.  They had all the details of when father died, they were just still sending me letters about where they should pay his pension.

Then there is a sneaking suspicion that father's mysterious mobile contract is still ongoing, even though we are no longer being asked for money.  I got a letter confirming that they hadn't charged father this month.  It's a relief of sorts.

I had a long and baffling call from Tesco.  They were lovely.  Really lovely.  I am still not exactly sure what was going on because they were treating me with the sort of caution normally saved for people with a chainsaw.  I had asked a minor enquiry about carrier bags, certainly not a complaint.  I think they were used to being shouted at.

Bear intercepted the parcels from Amazon.  When they came through the Royal Mail I knew that they would arrive when bear was at school.  Today bear spotted the van before they had even knocked.  I'm going to have to get the parcels delivered elsewhere, I think, if I carry on getting Christmas and birthday stuff for bear from there.

I have a very convulsive, desperately dramatic cough that is much worse than it sounds but isn't good.  I also have a weak pelvic floor.  I feel up to my eyeballs in yeurk.

And now it looks like the very neat, very tidy maths tutor who is lovely may be coming to us due to building works instead of us going to her.  The house looks like it has repeatedly hit by the completely-inadequate-housewife stick.  It is a state.  It needs to be completely redecorated before she gets here.  I have until Saturday.

On the bright side, bear has almost, very nearly, just about started to finish his homework.

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  1. Hope your day improved. Bureaucracy is interesting, isn't it? My mother was summoned to report to jury duty several months after her death and her former bank still sends occasional notices about her pension, which stopped with her death nearly 10 year ago!