Friday 13 November 2015

What meal plan?

I've given up on proper meal plans but I try and think a day or two ahead.  Tonight we've got 'proper' sausages with baked potatoes and beans on the menu.

Bear has utterly rejected baked potatoes.

Tonight he has managed somehow to demolish two very large easy peeler type satsumas, four chocolate mini rolls and three very mini pizzas since he came home so while he is currently declaring how hungry he is I think he can manage with just proper sausages and beans.  DH and I can share his potato.

I wouldn't say I was a natural with kids, but there are times when they are endlessly entertaining.  This morning there were advanced negotiations about raffle tickets.  Bear was refusing to buy any as the odds were against it.  There were hundreds of raffle tickets for the Children in Need day and besides he had already got £1 ready to hand in for going in plain clothes.  I insisted that he put another £1 in for 4 raffle tickets (I supplied the £1!) because it wasn't the winning but the taking part and some of the raffle funds were for designated school charities (building toilets overseas in places where schools do not have toilets) and some was for Children in Need.  Bear was unimpressed at my lack of understanding of basic probability but I told him to just buy the dratted tickets.

He won a prize.


  1. Well, of course he won a prize! Isn't that how it always works? LOL. You have such a wonderful little boy.

    My mother once told an elaborate story to get 25 cents to enter a classroom raffle when she was a schoolgirl; and then had to own up to the story when she won the prize, which was a rickshaw! Maybe I'll do a post about it!