Sunday 29 November 2015

Starting the Christmas Shop

I have my Christmas slot booked with Tesco, my good acquaintance, but it won't be very full.  I'm spacing out the order, so that if things go desperately wrong on December 23rd we will still do okay.  Tomorrow I have an order coming and it includes a gluten free Christmas pudding.  The next will probably include some sweeties or biscuits, but not too many.  The actual Christmas delivery will be mainly fresh stuff.

I'm hoping my order comes tomorrow.  To be honest, the way the weather has been I'm not sure if they'll deliver by van or boat.  They have taken away the mounds of rubble and unofficially filled in some holes in the street but none of the holes that they filled were near me or where they had stashed the rubble.  It has made the road a lot smoother, though, so it works.

I have investigated my friend eBay for decorations.  I'm not impressed.  I am sure we will be fine.  Bitter experience says that there is no point trying to get bear interested in making the decorations, so I'll see what Tesco can offer that is extremely inexpensive.

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  1. Looks like you are well organized with your arrangements for Christmas! Well done!