Tuesday 10 July 2018

Bear is Upset

Today I got a text from bear's piano teacher saying that he wouldn't be able to continue for a while.  Bear has been utterly difficult about piano practice but today he was devastated at the thought of losing the piano lessons.  It looks like I won't be able to reclaim that corner of the study for a chair.  It also looks like I may have to spend out hundreds on a new piano as the weather has not been kind to the current, failing model.  There is a chance for evening lessons in a separate location or we may still be able to register bear with the school for music lessons.  I'm not sure. 

btw I've found a site with public domain images, and here is one from there of a piano.

I am exhausted, so I think I will crawl off to an early bed and browse some books.  I posted about getting free books in Always Another Chapter here, and I've put links to the Gutenberg Project and the Internet Sacred Texts site, which have old, out of copyright but intriguing books.  I intend to get lost in them.  If I am not back by next month, send a search party. 

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