Tuesday 31 July 2018

Ben 10 Lightshade

Bear was very keen on Ben 10 when he was younger.  To be fair, of all the cartoon 'hit things until the problem is solved' cartoons, Ben 10 is pretty good.  For those not blessed with watching this, it's a cartoon where a young lad gains a watch type thing that allows him to change into different aliens to battle evil.  There are a lot worse out there.  This had morality, standards and a positive female role model.  The Wiki entry is here.

I bought bear a Ben 10 lampshade one Christmas.  I'm not generally in favour of buying kids furnishings as presents, but bear didn't want anything much, he needed a new lampshade and so I thought I would go for it.  I distracted bear downstairs while DH changed over the lampshade and then later, when DH was present, I complained about hearing footsteps upstairs and hoped that Santa wasn't coming too early.  Bear unfortunately noticed the shade before bedtime, but we gave the credit to Father Christmas and bear was a happy bunny.

The lampshade has had a few close calls over the years, and I have repeatedly threatened that if it was broken I would get a replacement Frozen lampshade.  Bear loathes Frozen.  However today bear was upstairs with his pal, playing ping-pong, using a space hopper.  I went upstairs to threaten to dock his pocket money if he broke the floor and found this.

Pocket money is going to be docked and I am going to find a basic, boring plain one that will do until I have the time to sort out making a Doctor Who shade.  It could be a lot worse.  Bear outgrew Ben 10 a few years ago and I've been muttering about getting a new shade anyway.  Although that reminds me.  I still haven't replaced the corkboard that somehow needed replacing after DH and bear had been hanging out.  I'm off to check eBay, who is my friend. 

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