Wednesday 1 August 2018

Please excuse typos

I've left my glasses in the driving instructor's car.  I shouldn't wear glasses for driving, as I've got reasonable distance vision, but I need them for reading and the computer.

No casualties tonight, but there was a close call when I stalled leaving a VERY busy road and backed traffic up behind me as I tried to find first gear. 

Justjill - negotiations about what exactly bear can do with a space hopper are ongoing.

We called in at Aldi today.  Bear insisted.  I was surprised as I normally can't lever him into shopping with a shoe horn, but bear had a craving for sausage rolls and I wasn't making them.  We came back with sausage rolls, two footballs and an education in how quickly a taxi can stop when they accidentally pull out in front of someone.

There are thirty two days before bear gets to his new school.  He is making the most of them.


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