Sunday 26 August 2018

Finding the bright side

Thank you for all the kind thoughts and wishes.  They made a very positive difference and were really appreciated. 

Today has been finding the bright side.  My sister in law visited with her husband and were duly impressed by bear.  The new piano seems to encourage bear to practice.  I think it's the novelty.  However bear rattled off Fur Elise in grand style and was generally awesome.  My sister in law was her usual generous self and bear came away with a lot of goodies!  She is out for all she can give and bear benefits!

DH drove today for the first time since the accident.  He said he found it tough, but he managed and that is such a big step.  I am incredibly proud of him for facing that fear.  He came back with the jacket he had planned to buy the day of the accident, and he looks gorgeous in it.

The pork and apple burgers we had for dinner tonight were awesome.  I sincerely recommend Aldi's gourmet burgers - especially if you cook them using a grill or rack.  That comes with its own issues.  You see, after bear finally gets back to school (nine days and counting) I plan on either walking to Aldi daily and/or picking up food daily during the school run once I've passed my driving test.  At the moment I find myself over-ordering and stuff is going to waste.  I do have worries, though.  I can't resist impulse buys and I need to learn.  Yesterday I came home with two throws that I absolutely did not need in the slightest.  I also brought home a lot of extra treats.  We have a lot of treats in already but I fell for it.  I can't wait to see what impulse buys I pick up. 

And the best of the bright sides - tomorrow I am going to totally, finally and completely clear out my kitchen.  I am going to get the walk in cupboard cleared, make spaces for everything and throw out everything that is not regularly in use.  This is because I will go insane if I don't get my kitchen sorted out and also because I need to make a decent space when the repair man comes because the washing machine has broken again.  So I am going to end up with a cleared kitchen and a lot of writing done because I'll need about 5,000 words written to give me the energy to sort out the mess!  So the washing machine breaking down again is a total win and the engineer will be out Thursday. 


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