Wednesday 29 August 2018

Drink Has Been Taken Again

I had my first driving lesson since I failed my driving test.  No casualties.  I did okay.  My lovely and awesome driving instructor is talking about entering me into a test again soon.  I feel a little overwhelmed.  However I remembered where third gear was, dealt with awkward situations and totally rocked some right turns.  I had forgotten very little and I only stalled once.  I effectively started to learn to drive on 9 July with this instructor.  I had had some tuition before, but it had been a fail.  I took my test and failed on 14 August (nearly passed), I had no lessons between 14 August and 28 August, almost 50% of the time I had been learning.  And I still was okay to drive.  I was still safer than quite a few drivers I saw on the road.  I'm feeling good about it.

I'm going to try and persuade DH to have some time with my awesome driving instructor.  I am so worried about DH.  He took today off but is going in tomorrow.  Fortunately he has an awesome boss, but I am so worried.  He has at least forty-five minutes drive each way on roads which have lots of challenges and which include the junction where the accident took place.  I know he is awesome, but I worry.  I will be praying a lot tomorrow.

I had a phone call this morning from the dentist.  I've been trying to get bear registered at a particular dentist for a while.  The appointment has been changed at least three times already.  I told the caller that I would cry if it was changed again, so poor bear has to wait until Thursday when, if all things had been equal, he would have been seen last week.  

Thursday was the day of the washing machine repair so I rang up to change it and after a looooong time on hold, the lovely person from Whirlpool managed to get me a slot earlier today instead.  I was incredibly grateful.  Apparently the thermostat needed replacing and I now have a functional washing machine again.

My life is getting odd at the moment.  It is quite unbelievable, so I am not posting more about it.  When I post about my life, I post the absolute truth.  It's sort of 'see it, say it'.  However, at the moment, it's more odd than normal so I'm trying to be sensible (despite drink being taken), and I hope you will not mind if the story I am posting is incomplete.  However, this is why drink has been taken.  

I hope to be back tomorrow in a more positive frame of mind.


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