Wednesday 29 August 2018

More Optimistic

I have a working washing machine and I have just had a driving lesson - no casualties.  I made some mistakes, but it could have been a lot worse. 

DH went into work today.  I was worried, but he made it in.  He struggled with pain and he had to drive home past the scene of the accident.  He said that the central reservation where he crashed looked a complete mess.  I just have so much respect for him.  He had no way of avoiding the crash, and so he can't feel in control of the risks.  He still pushed through and drove into work. 

Bear is being very bear.  We had a chill day and ordered his school trousers from M&S.  I measured bear, because I knew what I was up against.  His waist is @ 60cm or 24 inches which is the waist measurement for age 8-9.  His inside leg is @ 66cm, or apparently appropriate for his age of 11 (it makes him slightly tall for his age as M&S have strange ideas about trouser length).  Fortunately, M&S do versions of trousers that are long, longer and extra long so I've managed to get some that should fit him.  My brother was exactly the same all the way through High School so I knew where to start looking.  Bear isn't underweight.  He's on the slim side, but his ribs are well covered and he seems healthy enough.  He fills out nicely in the run up to a growth spurt, so the extra long 9-10 trousers should be fine and he will need new trousers after a growth spurt anyway.  Also, the new school are apparently generous with their dinner portions so he may fill out a little more. 

I got my appointment through to check out the iffy mole.  I just feel broken at the thought of all the extra appointments on top of everything else.  I'm feeling pretty confident that it is nothing, though, and hopefully one appointment next Wednesday will sort it out. 

It may sound strange, but the thought of extra appointments is putting me over the edge.  I need to concentrate on the bright side.  Today there were no casualties on the driving lesson and I got back to knitting now it's not so hot.  Things could be a lot worse.


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