Thursday 9 August 2018

My Sins Have Found Me Out

Last night, quite late, I got a text from the mother of one of bear's friends.  She isn't the one who is helping me with driving but it's a different mum.  I wish I was more like her.  She feeds her family good, home cooked food, looks after her husband, works, keeps a beautiful home, manages life so well and is just a wonderful, supportive, kind person.  Her son is lovely and her daughter is adorable.  Her son is coming around to hang out with bear on Friday.  Her son is severely asthmatic.  My house is full of dust.  What is worse, my house is so full of clutter that I have to move and find places for and throw out a gazillion tons of stuff before I can even dust and vacuum.  The lovely son is bear's bestest friend.  I can't let bear down.

The last few weeks have been a little busy.  Okay, more like hysterically, crazily, frantically, mind-stealing busy, and my housewifery has been worse than usual.  It isn't that good to start with.  However we have had home cooked (more or less, some parts pre-assembled) food, everyone has clean clothes and so far no casualties.  Today I have already been to the hairdressers because this afternoon I am getting a 'proper' photo taken.  I am not looking forward to this photo.  I haven't been happy to have my photo taken for around thirty years.  The last time I willingly stood in front of a camera was when I got married and we had a silver wedding a few years back.  I am still sorting out clothes and stuff for that, plus I need to deal with tidying and dusting everything.  However I can't cancel the photo as it is needed because I got a story accepted into an anthology who want a pic for their publicity which is currently gearing up (I'll share when stuff is going on).  Darn.  I'm planning on getting a few shots and that will be it.  I hope I've got another decade in me and from now on I can just trot out the same old photos for job applications and any publicity I do. 

At least I don't have a driving lesson tonight.  And I've sorted the bathroom window payment, chased the council about the bins and texted the babysitter to cover for the upcoming driving test.  Also, it's a great opportunity to have a good clear out.  I'll wipe around with lots of damp cloths, vacuum a few times and keep all the windows open.  Please send good vibes!


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