Tuesday 21 August 2018

My Sins Keep Finding Me Out

Some very nice men are coming to take away the piano tomorrow.  They are also taking away a useless chair.  I am really, really, really glad that the piano is finally going.  The piano is woefully out of tune and sounds awful whenever I can persuade bear to practise.  If he asks, I told you he was awesome.  As it is, he isn't bad, but he is far from perfect and the piano makes any mistakes sound far, far worse. 

This means that I need to clear and move furniture tonight, so they get stuff out.  After they have gone I will have to get myself into some sort of gear and clean as bear's bestest friend ever with extreme asthma is coming the day after.  He is a lovely lad, a real pleasure to meet, and worth every effort.

The house already looks like a junk yard, but hopefully I can get some time carved out between the new list of intensive driving lessons to just get the place sorted before I lose my mind. 

I'll hopefully be back tomorrow with the results of the giveaway.  That is, if I'm still in one piece!

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