Friday 3 August 2018

Is it Friday Already?

Today has been Hobbit Central.  Bear and I watched 'The Desolation of Smaug' in the morning and 'The Battle of the Five Armies' in the afternoon.  Then I rushed out for another three hour driving lesson.  I am getting a lot better, I think.  I'm still not sure that I'm safe on the roads, but I'm getting safer.  Last time I was out I stalled in an embarrassing place.  Today I managed that nasty turn with lots of parked cars without incident.  Still no casualties and the driving instructor reassured me that the idiot who overtook me while I was just under the speed limit and who whizzed past and narrowly missed some bollards in the centre of the road was at fault and I was doing okay.  Regardless of the lesson, I still feel full of hobbit and I'm sure I will be seeing Orcs in my sleep.  I always had a soft spot for Legolas, even before the film came out, and while it was completely nothing to do with the book, I did feel for him in the films. 

This meant that I was incredibly late getting the latest White Hart chapter up (here, if you're interested, and if you are interested in being included in a draw to win a signed copy of Tales of the White Hart, have a look at yesterday's post here.  I'll put the full details tomorrow, when I am awake.)  I can't match up to Tolkien.  And now I am going to bed.  Hugs and good vibes to all. 

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