Thursday 20 September 2018

Still No Casualties

I had a bad driving lesson today.  I kept stalling.  And due to various factors, it was a shorter run than normal so I ended up driving in Leeds City Centre in busy traffic.  No casualties, as I said, and I'll take that as a win. 

The rain has been heavy today, and I will be glad when it settles down.  The weather forecast for next week is tentatively okay, and, as bear will be on his residential trip in North Yorkshire which includes walking down streams, I'm glad of it.  Tonight we had 'The Trying On Of New Clothes' as bear checked out all the stuff he needed.  I can't believe how much stuff he has been asked to take.  I included a pack of paper soap instead of a bar or small tube of liquid soap as I thought it would travel better and give bear some talking points.  I am not packing sun cream.  I have had long, intense and difficult negotiations just getting bear to wear sun cream in June.  I'm not going to waste my time and money packing sun cream for late September in North Yorkshire. 

The rain was an added challenge during the driving lesson, and I got utterly soaked when I nipped over to pick up some cream for my eczema from the doctor, but at least it wasn't windy.  Yesterday was strong winds, today was rain and tomorrow is forecast to have strong winds and rain.  Just the rain was bad enough.  When I got in, water was dripping from my hair and my clothes were soaked.  Bear wasn't much better when he got in.  I am slightly lacking in sympathy as he has lost his bus pass already. 

For those interested, I published a short story today on the new author website here.  After tomorrow, I won't be sharing many links, but new posts will show up under the blog roll so you can keep an eye out there or subscribe to the new site.  I'm still working things out, so I hope you will look kindly on my efforts as I try and work out what exactly I'm clicking!

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