Friday, 21 February 2014

A long few days

Bear has put his books into alphabetical order.  I have sat on my hands not to rearrange the one or two that aren't quite perfect but he has done a really good job (better than many offices I've worked in) and it is very impressive.  However he is loathe to part with a single one of them, even the basic board books or the filled up colouring and puzzle books.  We also had a bit of a time with a model of a T Rex that father gave bear last summer.  There wasn't a lot of instructions, so bear instructed me to finish it off.

Morrisons delivered for the first time yesterday.  I love Morrisons, they have wonderful stuff, it is all fresh and it is an Ocado type service with all the stuff in date order and sorted into colour coded bags.  I love it!  The big problem is that they have a minimum order of £40 and with the market delivered stuff I struggle to reach that if there isn't a deal on whisky.  However they do have slots at £1 at the right times, so it may be worth having a fortnightly or less supermarket delivery.

I am not very awake.  DH was chatting last night so didn't get to bed until after midnight, and bear woke me up at 6.06am (that's six minutes past six in the morning).  He woke me up because he had seen the moon.  I agreed it looked nice and told him that I would be down at 6.30am.  Bear came up to check on me at 6.27am...

I was still awake enough to notice the fungus on the tree after dropping bear off at his Martial Arts Holiday Camp.  To me it looked like the tree stump was frilled with lace.  It's amazing what you see if you keep your eyes open.  This was on the edge of a grotty trading estate where the Martial Arts Academy is based, it really is a bit grimy and full of wire netting and cracked concrete.

I had a rummage on Google, and the nearest I found was the Trametes versicolor, I found a linky here, but to be honest, I am not entirely convinced and I would never trust a mushroom on the strength of google.  Apart from anything else, all the bits I found were in North America or in Italian.  I will keep an eye out for anything like it, though, as it just looks so unusual.

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