Thursday, 6 February 2014

A Nice Change

I went out!  I actually went out and met a friend!  I never do this.

There are a few bits of worry here.  I am finding it harder and harder to talk to people - physically harder.  I am just exhausted by speaking to a lovely person for a few hours.  This is worrying.  I missed a parcel, and the dratted thing is bound to turn up during the school run tomorrow.  I couldn't get through to a human, either, to explain that it is always okay to leave stuff with my lovely neighbours.

I also succumbed to five rolls of gift wrap - 4m of good quality and plain gift wrap for £1 a roll which is a good deal.

But I got out of the house!  As a bonus I also found that a particular bus route is a lot cheaper with a different bus company, so that is a result.  The drivers are nicer as well.

Father is poorly today.  He was so frail he was happy for me to bring him up cups of tea.  In fact he was too frail to go to the Bible class, and he had already bought sweeties to give to the ladies.   The battle of homework went with little incident, but bear is obviously tired.

I think tonight is a nice, quiet, easy evening and an early night - really needed.

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