Sunday, 16 February 2014

Safety First

DH has been putting safeguarding software on bear's computer.  There isn't a huge hurry, as bear is completely caught up with Stampy Longnose, a completely child friendly minecraft player.  I watch bear's activities over his shoulder, and while Stampy Longnose isn't exactly my cup of tea, it is so harmless that it makes me feel an evil witch for watching Doctor Who.

Bear not only is fairly safe online (for now - I am watching), he came to church with me this morning, and was been lovely.  It is a Methodist Church, and I was raised Church of England and DH and I were talking about taking bear to Leeds Minster (formerly Leeds Parish Church) for Choral Evensong.  It is really old fashioned and while not exactly High Church, it is very stately.  I used to love Evensong there.

DH has been feeling a bit fed up so he thought it would be nice to take bear to the service at the Minster.  He went online to check if the times for Evensong had changed.  The computer wouldn't let him.  Apparently parental controls forbid religious sites.

I am not sure that I would be comfortable with bear going on some of the less well trodden religious paths, but it does seem a little extreme, especially as Leeds Minster is so middle of the road it could wear white lines.  It is also linked with the Leeds College of Music and it has all the old anthems and choruses.

I have an uneasy feeling that this could go wrong, especially as bear has an early start tomorrow.  On the other hand, it is magical and DH definitely needs a treat.  Hopefully it will encourage bear to sleep tonight, as well.

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